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Your First Floral Art Competition

Four Easy Steps to Entering Your First Floral Art Competition

Thinking about entering your first floral art competition?

What if I could show you four easy steps so that you can enter your first floral art competition with confidence and the insider help of a champion?

Well, I CAN! It’s all in my video tutorial package – Four Easy Steps So You Can Enter Your First Floral Art Competition. There is over 80 minutes of video plus a workbook to use both with the videos and for when you are competing (to keep as a reference for all your competition work).


 What’s In the Videos?

In the videos I cover

  • What you need to know before you decide to enter a competition and how to find out that information;

  • How to plan your design from scratch, even when you have no idea of what the class title means;

  • The best ways to get your design and its components to the competition safely;

  • What to do when you are at the competition venue, especially when it’s the first time you have been there


But there’s more……..

Because I want you to be successful and enjoy the experience of competing,  I am also sharing with you my design planning template, transport checklist and recommendations for your toolbag.


Here’s what some of my fellow competitors said when seeing the tutorials

“Incredible work and attention to detail. This is really needed.”

“Wish it had been around when I first started bumbling along. Definitely using some of it to update my methods.” 

 “It is a professional work and will only help lift competition standards. If you need blurbs/testimonials etc from fellow competition junkies just let me know.”


 A Very Special Bonus

Every year I enter more than 50 designs in competitions. I know that any competition result rests with the judging, no matter how much you prepare. So I have a very special and exclusive bonus with my video tutorials.

Whilst putting the videos together, I spoke to international judges and now I can share with you not just what they see as common mistakes made by new competitors but also the five areas on which every design is judged.

I break down these judging areas so that you can look at your own designs before they are judged to ensure you are meeting the judging criteria.

Here’s what the judges said when they saw my tutorials

“Its awesome, congratulations Kim, what a massive work project, well done”

“It looks really good. It will help a lot of beginners.”

“I have taken note of techniques and will try some myself, good sectioning and great inspiration for prospective floral designers and competitors – cant wait to see more designers putting ‘work on the bench’”


The complete package of my 4 easy steps video tutorials sells for £197. Because you have already taken the first step by coming to my site and reading this, I have an offer for you today. You can get the full version – that’s over 80 minutes of video tutorials, the workbook, the design templates and the checklists all for your special price of just £147. And I’ve made it even easier by setting this up as three monthly payments of £49.

Three Monthly Payments



Or you can buy it right now for the massively reduced price of £97 – that’s £100 off. Naturally, an offer this good has to be for a very limited time. When its gone, its gone. But if you click on the button below, you can be getting ready for your first floral art competition with my help in less than 10 minutes from now.

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I wish you every success in your floral art endeavours.