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Collage – Seedpod Acrobatics

Well, here it is – one of my more memorable failures in floral art competition in recent times! The concept was good but the execution is definitely not……

Collage - Seedpod acrobatics

My design concept was to have a ladder with seedpods doing various acrobatic feats up the length of it. The timber ladder frame is actually the inside of a roll of upholstery fabric – you can find useful design elements everywhere. I attached some black velvet to the back of the ladder, thinking at the time that it needed some sort of backing. Each section of ladder then has a different type of seed pod – we were required to use Australian natives for this Class.

First problem, encountered as I am trying to mount the exhibit, is that the seedpods need much stronger glue than I have with me. Time to adjust the design. I use wire instead, which will hold the seedpods in place but will not allow me the same acrobatic design I had in mind. Instead I place the seedpods at various angles in the wooden frame.

The judge was very gracious and left only one comment – the base seedpod (Gymea lily) was too large and dominated the design.

Back to the drawing board and make sure each design is practised before the competition!

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