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Incorporating the Wine Industry

Here is a design which is judged all around. I like this style of design – it seems more alive to me. For this competition the space allowed was 1m square, the supplied display plinth is 60cm x 60cm ( a good indication of how big your design can be. Roses were the only flower to be used on this day.

My first thought was to highlight how roses are used in viticulture. In many countries a rose bush is planted at the end of the row of vines. This is to attract insects thus keeping them away from the precious vines and fruit as it is produced.

Wine Industry View 1

The central part of the design is a weathered timber farm fence post that has a small vase opening turned at its top. I have threaded fencing wire through the holes in the post. The wire has randomly threaded grapes on it. A bunch of grapes hangs from one of the holes to link up with another bunch placed in the top of a wine bottle.

A nicely twisted, almost circular, branch of tortured willow, again with some grapes pushed onto it, wraps around the fence post from the base of the design.

On the side opposite to the wine bottle is my “rose bush” – a small piece of floral foam (hidden by pebbles) holding rose stems at various heights. At the top of the fence post is some tortured willow twisted on itself to represent vines. This covers the smoother section of the top. The vase opening has a small vine and wire bouquet holder lined with rose leaves. I would have liked to use vine leaves but it was not the season for them. Inside the leaves is a simple combination of a single central row of rose buds surrounded by grapes.

This exhibit placed second. On looking at it now it could have been a bigger show, filling more of the space allowed. Remember the judges will often expect you to use about two thirds of the space allocated for your design. 

Here are some views from other aspects of the design:

Wine Industry view 2 Wine Industry view 3


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