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Interwoven Beauty

This design is presented on a supplied wire frame 140cm tall. Rather than an all around design, it has two sides, both of which are judged and should present a different view for the judge.

I enjoy this style of design – it lends itself to a minimalist approach and is challenging in the mechanics of having horticultural material suspended on the frame with hidden water sources.

My concept for this design was to have all the elements interwoven in some way – either with themselves or adjacent plant material.

Interwoven Beauty

The design is held together in the middle by using plastic cable ties to secure a floral foam ball, cut into two halves, to either side of the wire mesh. The ball is covered in moss.

From this extends a number of grevillea branches (a weeping variety so it has a natural tendency to curl on itself) that have been twisted together and through random sections of the wire on both sides, ending in curls in opposite directions.

Tulips have been woven through the wire and the foliage on both sides in a mirrored pattern with some of the stems plaited together.

Some additional fern foliage has been woven through the wire in the central area to highlight the focal point.

Here is the view of the other side:

Interwoven Beauty 2


No placing for this one – I believe it lacks impact and colour. The winning designs all used fabric interwoven with the mesh and then added the horticultural material on top of this “backdrop”.


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