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Standing Tall

Once again a competition day where roses were the only flower permitted in our designs. This exhibit is placed on a supplied plinth 1m long by 40cm wide and is judged from the front and sides. For this particular competition, all the Class titles were to incorporate a Jungle theme. Roses and the jungle, I hear you say….. actually not so hard to find an interpretation as the competition day was also very close to one of our commemoration days for those who have served in various World Wars.

My research about Australians, jungles and wars led me to the story of the Battle of Long Tan where a small number of Australian personnel held off a vastly greater number of opposition, with sadly  the loss of eighteen Australian lives. This became the basis for my design – Australians Standing Tall (in the jungle). I printed off a short summary of the incident for those who may not know of it and included this in my display.

Standing Tall Roses


As you can see it is a very simple design but it conveys the message, or tells the story, very eloquently.

Four pieces of bamboo support a large lotus leaf on which are two floral foam bricks covered with ferns and moss. Eighteen long straight stem roses rise well above the base – standing tall.  I have used yellow roses with some red ones as significant colours.

This design placed first and is still a favourite for its special meaning.

Roses Standing Tall 2


Roses Standing Tall 3

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