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Flowers To Paradise – Video Series





Kim Baillie Floral Art CoachHello fellow floral designers

Do you want to be better at floral art?

Are you scared to compete because you don’t know what happens or how it works?

Are you scared to compete because you don’t think you are good enough?

Are you scared to compete because you will be away from your usual floral resources?

Do you want insider information on how it works?

Do you want insights from international floral art judges?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then my latest video series is for you.


I am delighted to let you know my three part video series “Flowers To Paradise” is now available.  Based on my years (and years!!)  of floral art competition experience, it covers many of the things I have learned as well as an insight into the recent World Flower Show in Barbados .

But the series is more than just a photo album or a “how to” guide. It’s designed for those who are serious about improving their floral art designs, regardless of their current level of competition


Floral art competitions, for that matter any competitions, can be scary places. I remember my first floral art competition – I looked around at the other designs and felt mine was not worthy to be there. I was so nervous that my design would be disqualified because it wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t want to put it on the show bench.

But I did.

Since then, I have competed at every level, from local competitions to World Flower Shows (the Olympics of Flower Arranging). These days I create over 60 designs a year for competitions in addition to mentoring and coaching other floral art competitors of all levels.


So I thought that this year, with the opportunity to compete, once again, at a World Flower Show, it was time to bring all my experience and insight to light. Competitors and judges from around the world have also contributed to the video series along with my own floral art experiences from planning my designs to competition days.


What does the series cover?

  • What you need to know before you decide to enter a competition;
  • How to choose the best class to enter for you;
  • How to find out about design styles like “Traditional”, “Modern”, “Contemporary”, “Petite”, “Miniature”, “Abstract”, ‘Interpretive” etc;
  • What other restrictions you should think about before entering a competition so you don’t get to the competition and find you are ill prepared or worse still, disqualified;
  • How to plan your design from scratch, even when you have no idea of what the class title means;
  • How to choose a design style;
  • How to research for more ideas when you are interpreting a class title;
  • How to ensure you have enough time to complete your design before judging;
  • The best way to match your plant material to your design style;
  • What common mistakes floral art judges see at every competition;
  • How to review your own design before judging;
  • Real life examples of designs and judging comments;
  • Plus photos of ALL the competition entries (more than 300) from the World Flower Show in Barbados

Now you might be reading this and think – it’s too good to be true, it might not help me, I don’t really know if I need this…..

The disadvantage of a video series is that I can’t interact with you one on one, the way I do with my floral art friends that I mentor or coach.  If I could have this conversation directly with you, I would say that although all of those reactions could be true, I honestly believe that everyone will find something of benefit in the series. I have produced it to the highest standards so you can learn with confidence from floral artists who have already trodden the path you are on. I want you to never again feel that you have wasted your precious time on a design that just doesn’t work or that you have wasted money on flowers for no reward.

On the positive side, having a video series does mean you can come back to it time and time again. Its yours for the keeping, to use as a reference point for every competition you enter in the future.


Just think, if you had chosen to compete at the World Flower Show in Barbados it would have cost you $280 to register, then you would have to add on the costs of travel, accommodation, meals, flowers and all the other material you need for your competition design. Imagine spending all that money only to find you weren’t happy with your design on competition day! So the investment in this video series is really too easy – it is going to save you both time and money in the long run by helping you be as prepared as possible for each and every competition you choose to enter.


What will I get ?

With one investment you can have my three part video series that will provide you with planning and preparation tools, insights from international judges as well as immersing you in the experience of a World Flower Show


  • More than 3 hours of video focused on floral art competitions including: –
    • Over 2 hours of video covering the best ways of preparation and planning for competition designs
    • More than 40 individual examples to help explain the planning and preparation methods
    • Over 30 minutes of insights from international floral art judges on what they commonly see at every competition and how to avoid those mistakes
    • 18 unique designs with judges comments so you can avoid making the same mistakes
    • Practical ways to assess your own designs using a judging framework
    • My personal design template for organising your design planning
    • Individual images of every entry in every class of the World Flower Show Barbados competition (over 300)
    • Insights from competitors representing many of the 29 countries exhibiting at the World Show

There are more than 300 competitors at a World Flower Show. Of those, a mere handful will have their hard work and preparation recognised by winning a prize for their designs. It means more than 90% of competitors will be unsuccessful, less than 10% will be successful. Most other floral art competitions are the same. A small group of successful competitors and a much larger group who are not successful. Which group would you rather be in?


I know you will only invest in a copy of my video series if you want to improve your floral art skills by using this wealth of insider information. But if you don’t, what excuse will you make when you are asked for your latest competition results and you haven’t got anything to show for your efforts? Let me, through this video series, help you achieve your floral art goals.


My very best wishes for you on your floral art journey


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