“Four Easy Steps So You Can Walk Tall Amongst Other Designers At Any Floral Art Competition”



“Floral Art Competition Success Secrets Revealed

Kim Baillie Floral Art CoachHello Fellow Floral Designer,

Floral art competitions can be scary places to be if you feel your design is not as good as all the others you see at the competition.

I know how you feel.

My First Floral Art Competition Scared Me To Death

I remember my first floral art competition.

I looked around at the other designs and felt mine was not worthy to be there. I was so nervous that my design would be disqualified because it wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t want to put it on the show bench.

But I did.

Are You Too Scared To Compete?

Since then, I have competed at every level, from local competition to the World Flower Show (the Olympics of Flower Arranging). These days I create over 50 designs a year for competitions.

One of my great pleasures when competing is to see new faces who, like me, are passionate about their floral design. But I worry about how many of these new faces are afraid of not being able to meet the standard because they don’t know the inside information on preparing for a competition.

What if I could show you four easy steps so that you can enter your floral art competition with confidence and the insider help of a champion?


Champion – Modern Design Style

What You Will Learn With My Video Workshop Series

I have developed my very own 4 step approach over the past 10 years of competing in flower shows across the world.

In the videos I cover

  • What you need to know before you decide to enter a competition;
  • How to choose the best class to enter for you;
  • What is the correct grade for your skills:
  • How to find out about specified design styles like “Traditional”, “Modern”, “Contemporary”, “Petite”, “Miniature”, “Abstract”, ‘Interpretive” etc;
  • What other restrictions you should think about before entering a competition so you don’t get to the competition and find you are disqualified;
  • How to plan your design from scratch, even when you have no idea of what the class title means;
  • How to choose a design style;
  • How to research for more ideas when you are interpreting a class title;
  • How to ensure you have enough time to complete your design before judging;
  • The best way to match your plant material to your design style;
  • The best ways to get your design to the competition safely;
  • Whether you should take extra supplies;
  • Ways to transport fresh plant material;
  • What tools will you need;
  • What to do when you are at the competition venue so you can be confident and focus on staging your design;
  • Finding your design area for staging;
  • Etiquette when everyone is staging designs;
  • Cleaning up after your design is staged;
  • Taking photos before judging;
  • Coping with last minute “disasters”

By condensing my experience into an easy to follow video workshop series that I can share with you now, you get the benefit of my experience so you can focus on your competition design and not be held back by uncertainty any more.

Not your first competition? It doesn’t matter. The four steps I reveal are the steps I use at every competition to help me win prizes.

I want you to enjoy Floral Art Competitions and never be worried again by not knowing what to do, so I am also giving you my personal Design Planning Template, Transport Checklist and my recommendations for your Design Toolbag, so you can take your design to the next level.

4 Easy Steps Floral Art Competition

The complete Video Workshop Series:

  • Over 80 minutes of  expert video instruction;
  • My Companion Workbook to use both with the videos and for when you are competing (and to keep as a reference for all your competition work);
  • My personal Design Planning Template;
  • My Competition Transport Checklist;
  • My recommendations for your Design Toolbag.



Here’s how some of my fellow competitors reacted when seeing the videos.

“Incredible work and attention to detail.”

“This is really needed.”

“Wish it had been around when I first started bumbling along.” 

 “It is a professional work and will help lift competition standards.”

Roses in Floral Art Designs

Citrus and Glass in Floral Art Designs





Your Special Bonus – How Judges Think

Every year I enter more than 50 designs in competitions.

I know that any competition result rests with the judging, no matter how much you prepare.

As a special bonus, I have for you, the most exclusive and valuable insight that has ever been available to competitors like you and me.

In creating my Video Workshop Series, I spoke to international judges and picked their brains to find out from them what are the most common mistakes made by competitors everywhere in the world.

How You Can Be A Step Ahead In Every Competition

Part One of this bonus contains the road map to help you eliminate those mistakes made by so many competitors..

In Part Two I confirmed with a range of international floral art judges  the five crucial areas on which every Floral Art design is judged.

I have broken down these judging elements so that you can look at your own designs with the eyes of an International Judge to make certain you are meeting every judging criteria and be a step ahead of the rest of the competitors before you even start preparing your design.

Here’s what those international judges said after seeing my videos

“Its awesome, congratulations Kim.”

“What a massive project, well done”

“Its really good. It will help a lot of beginners.”

“I have taken note of techniques and will try myself.”

“Good sectioning and great inspiration for prospective floral designers and competitors.”

The complete package of my 4 easy steps video workshop series usually sells for $197.

But because you have already taken the first step by coming to my site and reading this, I have an offer for you today.

You can get the full version – that’s over 80 minutes of expert video instruction, the workbook, the design template and checklists (plus the International judges bonus) all for your special price of just $97 – that’s a saving of $100. 


I wish you every success in your floral art endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Kim Baillie

P.S. Naturally, an offer this good has to be for a very limited time. When its gone, its gone.

Floral Art Nursery Rhyme Design - Oranges and Lemons

Nursery Rhyme – Oranges and Lemons

Contemporary Design Floral Art