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All Around Design

In your next floral art competition, there may be categories or classes that are to be staged on a supplied plinth, cube or wire frame.

These classes are most commonly judged all around, or in the case of the wire frame, on both sides.

Most important in the judging is that they appear interesting on all sides – not the same or completely different, just interesting.

Here are some of my examples from competitions. Click on the link to read how it was constructed and the judging feedback.

Jungle 2JungleJungle Sculpture 3Jungle Sculpture
Tropicana frontTropicanaRing of Roses 1Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses
Fruits of the Land 1Fruits of the LandSculptural 2Sculptural
Driftwood and Roses 1Driftwood and RosesGathered 1All Is Safely Gathered

For many more designs (and step by step techniques), checkout my other website floralartonline.com

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