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Bench Design

In every floral art competition I have seen, there have been categories or classes that are staged on the competition bench (sometimes this is actually a table).

These are most commonly judged from the front, although can also be judged from the front and sides.

Once again, always check the Show Schedule carefully so you know exactly how the judge will view your design. Make sure that your design is placed on the bench to take advantage of its best angle – don’t always place it flat facing (parallel) to the bench edge. It also enhances your design to lift it slightly off the bench. That’s why you will often see designs on a base board that has been incorporated into the design itself. It gives your design some visual space between the top of the bench and any covering that may be on it.

Now it’s time to start looking at designs. Click on the links below for the samples on this site.

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For many more designs (and step by step techniques), checkout my other website floralartonline.com

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