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Abstract 1

The Class category for this design was simply “Abstract” with the added proviso that we could only use roses as the flower in our entry.

The definition of “Abstract” design in floral art is that the emphasis must be on floral material used in a non naturalistic manner with strong pattern and dramatic simplicity.


In this design I have used a piece of naturally curled bark as the base/container with coloured floral foam as a feature of the design (rather than hiding it as a mechanic). The foam has been cut into slices for sandwiching together with spear grass for stability. The leaf material has been wired so it can be manipulated into a wave form with the roses cut short and placed almost out of sight.

What could be improved?

My wiring was not strong enough and the wire actually popped out before judging. The roses are not used in a particularly non natural way so it is not abstract enough as an overall assessment. (Exactly what the judges said).

I should have pulled apart the rose and speared the petals on the grass spikes or had the rose head come out of the foam sideways. These particular rose heads are probably too large (and dominant) for this design.

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