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Abstract 2

Here is another Abstract design from a recent competition. Keeping in mind that the essence of Abstract is using your material in a non naturalistic way with strong pattern and dramatic simplicity, I have combined a minimum of floral material with some “hard” objects.

Abstract with Rose

The single rose stem is placed through one ball and into the second which contains a small amount of water. These balls are home decor items – hollow shells with a silver glossy coating. I drilled small holes for the stem and the water. Since they are completely round it was not possible to have them freestanding on the bench, hence the glass bowl for stability. Rose petals have been glued to the base ball to hide the stem going in to the ball and a spring of decorative wire helps hold the stem at an angle whilst giving some support.

This entry gained a Highly Commended – no other places were awarded as the judge considered the entries were “not abstract enough”. I could have improved this entry by flattening the base of the balls thus not needing the glass bowl and adding some defining line green material such as mutilated or manipulated flax.

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