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Adult Birthday Flower Arrangement

Some of my shop customers also become friends, so I was delighted to receive an invitation to a 40th birthday party being held at a local restaurant. I knew the best present I could give would be an arrangement that the birthday girl could have on display at the party and also enjoy for some time afterwards at her home.

40th birthday arrangement

I know the restaurant well, so it was easy to decide on a long low arrangement that could sit on the bar and then be easily transported for a coffee table at M’s home.

My friend has Dutch heritage which led me to design an arrangement incorporating boats and the colours of the Netherlands – it wasn’t the right time of year for tulips but she loves roses as well.

Using a palm spathe as the base, with two short timber supports nailed underneath to keep it stable and level, I have filled each end with Australian native foliages and some bright kangaroo paw to make it look festive.

The centre section has orange roses tightly packed together with an arch of white ones above (for the birthday candles). A stem of weeping grevillea is draped over the “candles” to accentuate the arch.

It was a hit at the party and lasted for almost 3 weeks at home afterwards.

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