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Landscape: From a Country Garden

Landscape as a design style is part of the group of “European Influenced” designs. Here is the current definition from our Manual – “It is a design resembling a larger dimensional view: trees, bushes, flowers and soil are represented. Seasonal flowers can provide a more authentic look. Stones, mosses, soil and gravel may be used as part of the foundation. In landscape design there is little staggering of stem lengths within the same group. Instead staggered heights occur between the groups of material. European influence techniques such as terracing and layering can be used.”


We don’t often have a design style specified in competition and I have a tendency to be confused by my understanding of a word versus the floral art definition of the design style e.g. Contemporary v Modern; Landscape v Naturalistic. This is where your local organisation’s design style manual is important. You should always check the definition of a design style where it is specified as part of the competition class title as this is the style the judges will be looking for.


So, you guessed it, I failed! My design, whilst a popular favourite with all who viewed it, is not a “Landscape” design – it is a “Naturalistic” design, by definition a snapshot of a section of the garden. It could have been a landscape design with placement of some tall stems or varying the heights of the two types of shrub I have used.

Another good lesson learned!!

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