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Citrus, Glass and Grass

On first glance, this is a hard title to interpret. I wanted to present a design that didn’t involve braiding grass or bowls of oranges as I felt these would be used by other competitors. So I went into the abstract/modern style and came up with this:

Citrus, Glass and Grass

It is one of my favourite pieces from the last few years. Clean, simple and dramatic. At the base I have two glass brandy balloons each containing one half of a ruby grapefruit, placed at an angle so they sit with the cut face showing. Around the stem of the balloons are three mandarins. On top of the first two balloons is a glass shelf with another two brandy balloons. These contain two limes cut into halves with the cut faces outwards. Another glass shelf then two oranges at the top of the arrangement. The oranges have a small slice taken off the top so that stems and seed head of native grass can be inserted. I looped one group of grass to sit over the seed heads in the orange to link the arrangement. Along the edges of the glass shelves are rows of peeled mandarin segments – there is a story behind this! The glass shelves are actually glass louvres from an old window. I didn’t notice until I was placing them in the design that they had paint on them which I couldn’t remove. The mandarin segments are to hide the paint but work in the design anyway. Lesson – improvise, you never know how much better your design might be!

When I returned to the competition room after the judging ( this was awarded First place) I noticed that one loop of grass had split into two pieces but this doesn’t detract from the design.( I wasn’t game to ask if it had been like that for the judging.)

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