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Farmers Market

What a great opportunity to use fruit, vegetables and flowers in a design! This is an excellent Class title for any level of competitor – if you are putting together a competition schedule, give it a go.

I’m not a great fan of arrangements in baskets, even though this Class would have been ideal, so instead I found the largest possible pumpkin I could carry that would fit the size allocated.

Farmers Market

The pumpkin is the base with all the other material either in a design in the top cavity of the pumpkin or sticking out from it on skewers (as the apples and chillies are).

A trimmed palm leaf provides the backdrop and a little height to the design with the central arrangement a collection of fruits, flowers and vegetables you might find at a Farmers (or fresh produce) Market. The jar at the back contains honey complete with comb as an embellishment. The placement of the central arrangement uses many techniques – bundling (chives), stacking (chilli), layering (flowers and fruit).

This design placed Second – no First place was awarded. I could have improved the design by lifting the central arrangement and having some of it cascade down the side of the pumpkin base.

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