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Farming in the Tropics

For this Class, it was permissable to have the entry made by two people, so I joined forces with a colleague (and usually competition adversary) to mount this exhibit. Once again it is on a supplied stand 7cm from the floor with a base 1m square and height of 2m. The exhibit is judged from the front and sides.

Having completed the research into farming in tropical areas, we agreed to have a farm “produce” scene as the exhibit. I had recently learned how to make, with floral material, a bird floating in a pond and felt this would add something to the exhibit as well.

Farming in the Tropics

The structure supporting the display is a heavy timber base box into which the timber fence post and timber strainer (the diagonal piece of timber if you are not familiar with farm fence construction) fit so that it is stable and weight bearing.  The base is covered with dark fabric and moss. Attached to the fence post and behind it is a cardboard tube covered in dried lotus leaves with a posy holder embedded in the top. This floral foam posy holder supports the top arrangement of orchids and palm fronds as well as some suspended open seedpods.

Hooked over the fence are bananas and ginger with the remaining tropical farm products arranged across the base. At the rear and side of the exhibit is my pond (the blue bowl).

When I left the exhibit, it looked the way I wanted, however my colleague (who is very much a traditional flower arranger) did not like the floral bird in the pond and changed it to what you see in the photo. I was not aware of the change until after the judging and learned a very valuable lesson – I work best alone.

The exhibit was Highly Commended and my colleague and I have agreed since then to enter this Class as individuals – the friendship is too important to be ruined by our different floral styles.

The judges only comments were that it needed more floral material at the top – longer leaves hanging over the base design to balance it; and that she didn’t know why the arrangement in the blue bowl was there!!

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