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Foliage Only

Many competitions these days have a class that is for designs using only foliage. What can you use that is “foliage”? Obviously the leaves of any plant but also ferns, succulents and bracts. Succulents are becoming very popular in many areas of floral work because they come in such a variety of shapes and colours and can exist out of water for long periods of time.

The overriding theme for this particular competition was “The Art of Flowers” so I decided to make an artists palette using just foliage.

Foliage Only

The palette shape base is made from cardboard and covered with a lotus leaf, the edges have camellia leaves glued on. (There is a tutorial on how to make this type of base in the Techniques section of the website).

The thumb hole is also lined with gardenia leaves and five plastic candle holders (for wedding arrangements usually) have been pushed into the base. These hold a small amount of water retaining material for the leaves that form the “paint”. I have made paintbrushes from spear grass and ripped flax. The palette was mounted on a paint smeared shirt for staging.

Looking back at this design today, it needs to be tighter where the “paint” has been placed with a more varied mix of colours in the foliage choices. Definitely room for improvement but the concept is good.


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