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From the Past to the Present 2

In case you haven’t seen the other post for this Class, the full title was “From the Past to the Present Incorporating a Wheeled Article”. Space allowed was 1m square with unrestricted height and the exhibit was judged from the front and sides.

This is a fine example of lack of planning and preparation, I admit it freely!

Past to Present 2


From the time I received the Schedule I knew I wanted to use a doll’s pram in this Class. It is my own from the 1950s and is usually on display in my shop where it creates lots of interest and comment. I also thought it would be an easy container for my floral work……..

The pink Belladonna lillies were in full bloom in time for the Show and they are exactly the right tones of pink to match the pram. The plan was to have the pram filled with these in a compact grouping as the “past” style with foliage manipulated in the “present” style. The pram is mounted on a small table with a large tulip printed shawl as the drape through the handle of the pram and over the table.

What I didn’t check was the depth of the pram……until I went to place the floral foam and realised how deep it actually was. Compounding the problem was the lack of any filler mechanics to lift the foam and flowers higher, so I had to rethink the design as fast as I could.

The result is not great even though the individual elements are still there. Definitely needed a Plan B on this one.


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