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From the Past to the Present

The full title for this Class was “From the Past to the Present Incorporating a Wheeled Article”. Quite a mouthful!! The space allowed was 1m square with unlimited height and the exhibit was to be judged from the front and sides.

Past to Present 1


The wheeled article that is the basis for my design is what is known here as a “traymobile”. It was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s as an aid to bringing food and drinks to guests after a meal. I left this in its worn state as part of the feeling of the past, exposing the timber frame.

Using the same floral material for both arrangements, I have a traditional grouping on the lower level displayed in a silver tea set, whilst the modern arrangement on the top is displayed in a glass and plastic coffee set.

The “past” arrangement is placed on a lace mat whilst the “present” one is surrounded by bark. I felt the exhibit was too stark when I completed the placements so added the tulle to bring the two parts together.

This exhibit placed second. The judge felt the tulle was too dominant.

Her other comments were ideas to give the exhibit more impact – put the “past” arrangement on the top of the traymobile and have the “present” one on the bottom, then make it (the present arrangement) a horizontal design which would highlight one of the modern floral art styles. This would allow the judges eye to pass through the exhibit “from past to present” by travelling from the top arrangement down. An excellent suggestion!




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