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Fruits of the Land

This competition entry was one of 7 days of competition (6 to 10 Classes each day) that form a part of the largest agricultural show in Australia. In this year the theme was ‘Year of the Farmer” so I wanted my exhibit to incorporate both floral and fruit examples of what is produced by our land.

Fruits of the Land 1

I have learned (by disheartening experience) that the judges for this design style prefer a diagonal placement or two placements, one high and one low. Since I had already entered a high/low design in another Class I decided to make this one on the diagonal.


The top grouping uses a small rectangle of floral foam encase in some plastic mesh as the water source. I wrap the foam in plastic mesh (if it isn’t already done) to make it easier and stronger when attaching to the wire frame with cable ties. It was dahlia day in the Cut Flower section of the competition so I have used dahlias as the flower for this design. A banana is placed through the mesh so that it can form part of each side’s design with a variety of commercially grown foliage used in the top and lower arrangements. The central sphere is two halves of a floral foam ball covered in moss with a single dahlia placed into it. It is held together and onto the wire frame by pushing bamboo skewers through both sides above and below the wire frame. This means that the bamboo resting on the frame takes an even load of the weight of the sphere.

The arrangements are linked with spear grass. On one side the grass is threaded with grapes, on the other side with cherry tomatoes. Spear grass also links to a single high placement of a strawberry which rests on the wire frame.


This design placed First with the judge being happy at the combination of fruits and flowers, especially the use of the tomatoes to reinforce that these are fruit not vegetables!

Fruits of the Land 2
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