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Interpretive Design – Centre of Attention

For this competition the interpretive title was “Centre of Attention” If you are organising a floral art competition, I can recommend this title as it can be interpreted in so many ways and does not necessarily require a lot of flowers – in most of the entries there was only one!

This was a last minute design as I had intended to do something else but found out the night before that another competitor had interpreted the title in the same way. Normally this would not make me change my design  but I felt that there was another way I could interpret the title (and we shouldn’t make it too easy for the judges, should we!)

centre of attention

My twisted vine is secured to a round timber base with a screw through the base into the vine. The single “medium” dahlia is in a small vial wired to the vine as the flower head is heavy enough to tip the vial forward if not properly secured. In front of the flower is a single piece of bark with a convenient hole through which your eyes are directed to the dahlia – my centre of attention. The bark is suspended from the vine with some “heritage” or “grape vine” wire, just wire covered in either green or brown fibres.

All looking great so far………..

Then I looked at the base. Where the vine meets the base some paint had come away leaving a bright white spot. I knew I had to cover this up or lose valuable marks in this close competition. Fatal mistake: I cut an agapanthus flower head and placed it on the base to cover the mark. Whilst this might have worked for many other designs, here it takes away from the complete “centre of attention” created above with the dahlia. Lesson: always carry a set of felt tip markers in the colours of your bases/paint work for repairs!

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