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Interpretive Design – Stripes

For this interpretive design with the title “Stripes” I wanted to practice a horizontal rather than vertical approach.

Interpretive Design - Stripes

My container is a flat china serving platter painted black under which is a folded sheet of striped cellophane. (This poor platter has been painted every colour of the rainbow in its illustrious career!).

Extending either side are long stems of fishbone fern and alstromeria which has a striped petal. This gives me the long horizontal line of a strip with the fishbone fern giving a narrow vertical stripe using the space between the foliage.

A central slightly domed mass of alstromeria fills the container. Three “candy stripe” roses rise from the centre of the massed alstromeria with the central rose wired to a horizontally placed thin bamboo stick.

Remembering that an interpretive design should tell the judges what you think when presented with the class title, I am happy with the finished work as a practice piece. For competition I would need to have some more definite horizontal lines.

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