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Interpretive Design – Tea for Two

This is another of my practice pieces in preparation for WAFA Ireland. My client supplied two English china teapots from a Dickens collectible range for the design.

I was too scared to use the teapots as water sources for the floral material so dragged out a two tier cake stand I had banished to the storeroom some time ago. Just proves nothing goes to waste! The stand has three silver sections – two at the base and one in the centre above the base sections.

Tea for Two


The teapots are placed, spout facing out, on the base sections surrounded by a small white flowering succulent.

I chose floral material that is reminiscent of afternoon tea – gardenias, jonquils, aspidistra and ferns. The aspidistra leaves are looped and placed at the back of the design with a mass of jonquils and gardenia foliage in a simple triangular shape. One fishbone fern is looped to one side of the design, whilst a larger one is placed in the design with the other end under the teapot lid.

The final effect was that the floral part of the design looks almost like another teapot!

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