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Jack in the Box

What a great Class title this is! So many ways you can interpret and present your horticultural material and use the easiest of containers (a box) into the bargain. I actually had two ideas for this and couldn’t decide which was better so entered them both. Here is the first one:

jack in the Box 2.jpg

My base box is cardboard covered with curly bark pieces which extend past the top of the box. Inside the box I have placed my “spring” made with twigs threaded onto wire through holes drilled at each end. At the top of this structure is a bark covered small test tube to retain the water for my “Jack” a single protea flower. I have used some tillandsia trailed around the top and structure to hide the mechanics. This design was placed Second in the competition with first place going to a traditional boxed design where the floral material was more in the box than out. The judge was clear in her remarks that she interpreted the title as being “in” the box so although she loved the innovation of my structure it was not as much in keeping with her view of the title.

This is my alternate entry:

Jack in the Box 2

Using a metal basket style box as the base I have covered some Oasis with aspidistra leaves and bundled long stemmed roses with decorative wire to match the rose flowers. gardenia leaves are placed in the Oasis in a bursting array to imply the roses have sprung out of the box.Simple but effective.

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