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Jungle Rhythm

Jungle Rhythm front

The sub-title for this Class was “Jungle Beat” so I determined to have a mini music studio as my Jungle Rhythm/Jungle Beat presentation. The exhibit is judged from the front and sides.

The central structure comprises three bamboo stakes tied with string about 10″ from the top. This gives me a convenient area to place some floral foam for the “roof” of palm fronds, both straight and plaited. Suspended from the top on the inside of the structure is a “bell” made from concentric circles of tortured willow, wrapped into this shape and wired when green and left until they have completely dried out.

At the back of the exhibit is a container wrapped with thick bamboo cuts and holding a palm flower spike decorated with feathers and seedpods to be my “shaker”. In front of this is a record album cover with the title of my exhibit as though it is the recorded version of the music being made.

Jungle Rhythm sideTwo front arrangements around the legs of the structure face inwards (avoiding the temptation to have all items facing the front, giving a flat look to the exhibit). One is placed in a bowl with a bamboo wrapped stem base, the other is in a hollowed out coconut shell. Both arrangements are mostly foliage with a couple of highlight tropical flowers.

The central piece is a bamboo stool holding a jungle drum – made entirely of lotus leaves, palm plaits and tropical flowers. Two drumsticks made from bamboo and dried seedpods are resting on the drum.

This exhibit did not place and there are no judges comments for me to pass on. In looking back at the photos now, I think it is too bottom heavy, perhaps not enough of a story being told. I may have lost marks also as the drum was used on an earlier day of competition as a stand alone entry.



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