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Jungle Sculpture 1

The definition of “sculpture” design from our Australian Floral Art Association Manual (AFAA) – “Dominant, clean cut forms are used to present a chiselled or modelled three dimensional effect, relying on the beauty of shape and space. There is no distinct or obvious focal area, the interest being on the whole form. The aim is to create rhythm and inbuilt vitality through the use of colour, texture, line and pattern. The sculpture may be constructed using either a quantity of material of one type or a combination of different types.”

Here is my exhibit:

Jungle Sculpture 1

My plan was to have the sculpture as organic as I could make it to reflect my impression of a jungle as twisting and turning vines and flowers.

A woven bamboo basket contains rocks and wet sand (for weight as well as a water source). The “ordered jumble” inside is two twisty branches wrapped in stripped vines surrounded by ferns, orchids, strelitzia flower spikes (no flowers showing- just the bud spike) and a number of pieces of naturally curled bark.

This exhibit was awarded second place – actually very fortunate not to be disqualified as the largest piece of bark slipped during judging to be outside the size limitations!

Here are some other views:

Jungle Sculpture 2 Jungle Sculpture 3
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