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This is one of my very early attempts at the “all around” design. I am showing it here to highlight some of the details you must remember every time you enter an exhibit.

Jungle 1

The structure supporting the main group of foliage and flowers is a terracotta hexagonal pipe (known here as an ag pipe). Mistake number 1 – this is not a container or material that would be seen in a jungle. I could have still used the pipe but should have covered it with jungle foliage of some description or even glued on some dirt and leaf litter that you would see in the jungle.

The top grouping of plant material is appropriate but does look top heavy from one side – Mistake 2: this is judged all around so no one side should appear to be dominant in the design.

At the base I have some ferns you would find on the jungle floor but (Mistake 3) I have placed dahlia flowers in amongst them – I can’t think of a jungle where you would find small decorative dahlias……..

So no suprises that this was not in the placegetters but I can look at it as a great learning opportunity and a constant reminder to keep the theme and Class Title in mind when I am completing the exhibit.

Jungle 2 Jungle 4 Jungle 3
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