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Mobile 2

A mobile design must float freely in the air – usually suspended from a display frame provided by the competition organisers. The most difficult part of this design is getting the physical balance correct so that all the elements move without restriction. This particular design was entered in the same competition as the one described in Mobile 1.



We have a couple of tortured willow trees growing at the farm and I love to work with the stripped branches. Here I have used some circles made simply by wrapping the green branch around itself in a circle. As they dry they turn a light brown colour and keep their shape so are ideal for many different designs.

The only other floral material I have used is banksia – full flowers and cut slices. This is a useful floral material as it does not need to be in water for competition, so I didn’t have to incorporate water sources in this design.

To keep the design as mobile (moving) as possible I have suspended the circles from one horizontally placed underneath the largest top circle.

This design placed third – again there were some sections that touched one another, stopping the free movement and I should have made the suspension less obvious, fishing line instead of string.

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