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Mobile – Design with Candles

A mobile design in floral art should be made from items including natural resource materials and is displayed for judging by being suspended from above so that it is free to move in space. The design is judged all around. Good visual design and actual balance are essential.

Going out on a limb (so to speak) with this Class, I decided to make a candelabra from willow stems with candles in their rightful position for a hanging light source. I toyed with the idea of having flowers around the candles but decided that this would give the design too heavy a look at the base.

Mobile - Design with Candles

Having made the wire frame (in the Technique Tutorial section), I twisted onto it a few willow stems every couple of days. As the stems dried in place I added more – this is not a quick design to assemble, you will need at least a month to get the stems onto the frame and dried properly.

The arms for the candles have been left as bare wire to accentuate the remainder of the candelabra shape. On competition day threaded through a final layer of willow with the leaves still attached and placed some test tubes on the candelabra stem for random placement of gardenia flowers. The design was to look as though the candelabra had been made over time by plants growing in and on it.

This design placed Third. The judge’s comments were that she appreciated the work that had gone into preparing the design but it was too minimalist for her taste.


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