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Movie Title – Casino Royale

Many Show competitions have a Class that is interpretive by nature – Song Title, Movie Title, Book Title, Nursery Rhyme etc. You need to be careful to remember that always, in competition, plant material must predominate your design. It is very easy to be swept away by the use of “embellishments” to help tell the story but you will lose marks and be disappointed if you forget this advice.


My impression of Casino Royale (and Bond movies generally) is a feeling of elegance…..must be the dinner suit he always wears!

This design is based in a tall glass vase covered with black leather. A very tall strelitzia leaf is the backdrop for three protea flowers with small ribbon and “diamond” bead ties around the base of the flowers. A man’s necktie with casino chips, cards and dice is draped around the base of the flowers and the vase. More “diamonds” are scattered at the base of the vase.


This design placed third. The judges (and I) felt there was just something not quite right but none of us could put a finger on what it was. Eventually we turned the vase to one side and draped the tie a bit higher through the design. This did improve the appearance of the design.

Tip: Try looking at your design from slightly different angle when it is on the bench and choose the one that best highlights your interpretation of the Class title. Too many competitors place designs flat facing on the bench to the detriment of their hard work.

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