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Period Design – Greek

I enjoy the research before a competition and this one certainly gave me plenty to think about. The Class title was “Your Favourite Period Design”. I was intrigued by how far back I would be able to find actual flower arranging styles that reflected both the times and the uses of horticultural material.

In Greek times, flowers were not used particularly as ornaments but there was extensive use of swags made from aromatic herbs. My herb garden was prolific at the time of the competition so here is the result.

Period Design - Greek

Period Design – Greek

This swag is actually laced through some plastic mesh and tied at the top with some of the more flexible herbs (lemon grass, chives) and a few roses but you could also do this as a wreath as these were common to Greek households. The arrangements doesn’t need to be in water as these materials can safely remain fresh for the duration of the Show – and in fact could be left like this for drying purposes.

I was happy with this first attempt at Greek period design and so were the judges. I was edged out of first place by a showy Victorian period piece so would make this entry larger and more diverse in the herb/flower mix next time.  The staging (backdrop, container etc) of period pieces is important as it should leave no doubt in the judges mind which period the arrangement is depicting.


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