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Another day of competition where we were restricted to using roses as the only flower. This design was to be displayed on a 60cm x 60cm supplied plinth and is, of course, judged all around.

The Class title is the first line of an old English nursery rhyme which is usually sung as you dance in a circle holding hands with the people beside you until the line “a-tishoo, a-tishoo, we all fall down”, at which point everyone sits on the ground. In our version, the last person to sit down is eliminated from the circle. My design, therefore, was to show ever decreasing circles of roses.

Ring of Roses 1

An upturned timber fruit bowl is the support stand for a wire topiary cone shape which in turn supports two small wreath circles of floral foam.

The top “circle” is a tightly packed grouping of rose buds with some conifer foliage facing down so that your eye moves from the top down the exhibit. The next “circle” is a lesser number of rose buds with camellia leaves pointing both up and down the exhibit.  Around the base are four small clusters of various colour rose buds set in floral foam which is covered by moss – these represent the ones that have left the “circle”, sitting on the grass. Each of the circles or groups has a circlet of twisted tortured willow placed on or around it.

This exhibit placed second. The judges considered that the space had been used well and it was a good interpretation, however the colours did not work as well as those used in the winning design.

Here are a couple of other views (a bit more in focus too! )

Ring of Roses 3Ring of Roses 2
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