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Roses in a Pumpkin

At one of my recent competitions, the judges group debated for us the importance of the wording of a Class Title. In the case of the debate it was centred around the words “rough” and “smooth”. For this title, however, the importance is contained by the phrase “in a pumpkin”.

It was interpreted two ways by the entrants – some using the hollowed out pumpkin as a vase style container for their rose arrangement, where others, like me, interpreted it literally to mean the roses should be “in” the pumpkin.


My original plan was to cut a piece out of the pumpkin (at the back), hollow it out and then place my arrangement completely inside the pumpkin. After replacing the cut piece at the back I had intended to cut narrow slit windows all around the front and sides so that you could see the arrangement inside.

The plan had to be adjusted when I couldn’t find a large enough pumpkin in time for the competition. Instead I have cut a section out of the pumpkin, cleaned it and used it as the stand for the rest of the pumpkin. This has also been cleaned out and the roses placed inside to fill the gap.

This entry was unplaced in the competition. The judges liked the interpretation but felt there were too many flowers in the pumpkin – either some space around them or the use of smaller roses would have improved the design.

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