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In a previous post I have included the definition of a “sculptural” design. Click here to read it.

For this particular day of competition, we were only allowed to use Australian native flora. You may have noticed I enjoy working with bark – this Class was an open invitation to immerse my design in some wonderful pieces of gum tree bark I have collected after storms.

Sculptural Design

A section of gum tree branch has been placed horizontally across the display plinth and the bark sculptural form is placed on top of this. I have let the bark pieces determine the shape, merely slotting them in to one another where there was a split in an appropriate place.

To fill out the design, there are some gum leaf sprays (grey in keeping with the “dry” look I wanted to create) in the main section as well as from one end of the base branch.

When I completed the exhibit I felt it needed some colour to offset the bark so added a Gymea Lilly leaf to stand out from the main structure.

This exhibit placed second – the judge was delighted with the sculptural effect but wondered why I had “spoiled” it with the big green blotch in the middle! She felt the dry feeling was dominant and the green leaf did not add anything to the design.

Sculptural 2
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