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She’s Apples

Unless it states otherwise in your competition schedule, you can use fruit and vegetables in your designs as these are horticultural materials, with the added bonus of not needing to be in water or water retaining material. Items such as chillies, coffee beans, wheat and pother grains can add a special dimension and design difference to your work.

This Class actually required the use of apples (although it is also a saying in Australia that means everything is OK). So how to use them in a design?

She's Apples

I have used a dark brown metal stand with my design in a horizontal line. It is based around a weathered and lichen marked branch with apples placed in a focal group facing both forwards and back at the top of the stand. The top of the stand is covered with some handmade flower pressed paper. The spiral of the stand is mirrored by the decorative wire spirals holding some apples below the horizontal line of the design. Foliage is from the casuarina as it is fine enough to cascade over the design matching both the spring held apples and the lichen falling from the branch.

At the base of the stand are three apples, the centre one has a flower carved into it (all my own work…..with the help of YouTube!).

This design placed Third. On looking at it now, I could have improved it by bringing some apples lower down as the space between the base and the top design is too dominant (remember negative space is as important as the floral material itself) – the two halves of the design are not sufficiently connected.

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