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Stacking Design – From the Woodshed

A stacking design, by definition in floral art competitions, is a design that combines several different components on top of each other or in series. For this Class we had the title to interpret “From the Woodshed”.

I wanted to use items other than stacked wood so that my entry would have some point of difference to the others, thinking that most would have cut wood piled up in some fashion.

Stacking design

Using a metal stand to give me some height for the design, I have interspersed long pieces of bark with banksia foliage and flower cones. I still wanted to get a layered (or stacked) look but with some negative spaces in between. Tendrils of weeping grevillea are trailed around each element to give it a freshly gathered look.

This design placed third with the judges commenting on the “innovative” use of materials and interpretation. The centre grouping is not evenly spaced between the top and bottom ones, so marks were lost here as it makes the “stacking” a bit unbalanced.

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