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Suspension – Fireworks 1

A suspension design in floral art is one that is displayed from a hook in a frame (usually provided). The finished design should appear to be suspended in mid air with no visible means of support. It can be judged from the front only or from the front and sides.

I have three examples of suspension designs that use the Class title of “Fireworks”. My interpretation is slightly different with each and each uses very different techniques to achieve the finished design.

Here is the first:

Fireworks 1

Using a palm pod as the base, I have wired a cage of Oasis to the centre in which a group of Easter daisies have been placed in a starburst pattern. This is to give the appearance of a firework exploding against the night sky (the dark interior of the palm). Extending from the centre are some long stems of kangaroo paw, each with an open flower which has a coloured star shape to it. These are to give the appearance of other fireworks in the area. Behind the Easter daisies are some spent grevilleas flowers as these also have “needles” of colours to resemble fireworks.

The hook to display the design is screwed into the back of the palm so it is not seen by the judge.


This design was classed as NAS – Not According to Schedule. In ordinary words this means it was not judged as it was considered by either the stewards or the judge to not meet the Class requirements. The problem with this particular entry is that the top of the design is over the top of the display frame. Every part of the entry must be within the display and size restrictions included in the Show Shedule.


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