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Suspension – Fireworks 2

Another design from my Suspension Fireworks range – it was a popular Class title for a while over many different competitions.

Suspension - Fireworks 2

I was fortunate to find an ideal piece of fallen tree with many drooping branches that could form the basis for this design. In my mind’s eye, I saw this design being the firework colour burst with dwindling colour sprays coming from the main burst.

It’s a bit hard to see from this picture, but the focal group of flowers at the top are contained in a star shape piece of Oasis so that when this is viewed from the side there will still be a “starburst” element.

The branches have random sections painted in a variety of colours using glitter nail polish – one of those “must have” items for your tool bag, they can be used in so many ways.

Some yellow nerines, a very conveniently shaped flower for fireworks, have been attached to the branches with thin yellow decorative wire. Where is the water for these nerines I hear you ask? A brilliant innovation from a very talented designer, Christine de Beer, test tubes made from drinking straws! The bonus in this design is that I could have them in either yellow to match the flower or contrasting colours for more “firework” effect.

This design was awarded First place with the judge commenting on how interesting the test tubes were and that she really liked the added touch of the colour down the branches (the nail polish).

Here is the link to Christine’s instructions on making these invaluable items:


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