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Suspension – Fruits of the Jungle

So many horticultural items can be used for this Class – just how to suspend them in mid air in a display area 60cm wide and 180cm tall and still have a focal point somewhere….

Prior to this design, I had experienced some difficulty in getting a focal area into my suspended work. This time I decided to design the focal point first and see how it could be used for the rest of the design. 

Suspension - Fruits of the Jungle

You will need to try and ignore the potted plant and flowers behind my design in the above photo.

At the top of the design is a roll of plastic coated wire mesh. This is strong enough to hold its shape when other elements are hanging from it. I have some floral foam inside the horizontally placed roll. The foam contains an arrangement of fern fronds and jungle fruits and nuts. The wire mesh is further masked by wrapping it loosely in exfoliated vines.

Hanging from the base of the wire mesh are three seed pods (same as those in the top arrangement) at varying heights. These give me full use of the area for the design and emphasize the suspended nature of it as well. I have used fishing line to hang the seed pods as well as suspend the entire design at the top.

This design placed Second – to great excitement as it was the first time I had gained a place in this category of design. The winning design had flowers  – mine had none, just the fruits and seeds.

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