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Suspension – Lines and Leaves

A suspension piece of floral art should look as though it is “suspended” in mid air. The Class title helped to form the idea of the structure for my design – lines of larger plant material with leaves interwoven against the lines. For some added interest I decided to introduce some circular lines, not just straight or parallel ones.

Suspension-Lines and Leaves

The top of the suspension is a piece of dried gymea lily stem – this is a strong fibrous stem often growing to 3 metres on top of which is a large red flower and seed head. I have cut some old stems into lengths that I use instead of bamboo or timber for structures in my designs – keeps the ratio of plant material high.
Holes have been drilled into the top horizontal bar and fishing lines is suspended to hold the two smaller lengths of stem. This gives me three very clear horizontal lines in the design. For a vertical line I have suspended three pieces of cork (cut from a cork placemat). Two of these have conifer foliage held on with diagonally wrapped jute string whilst the middle one has the diagonal lines made with a thin ribbon of flax.

Wire detail

The higher horizontal bar has decorative wire wrapped around through which more of the conifer foliage is woven. The lower horizontal bar has curls of the same wire with the conifer foliage.

This design did not place – there is far too much negative (or blank) space in the design. The proportional size of the gymea stems to the foliage is not a good scale for this design. Its always good to write these posts as I can be critical of the design without being negative!

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