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Suspension – Rural Communications

In case you are not aware, I am based in Australia – a land of vast open areas and remote rural locations. The competition where this piece was entered is an annual event that brings “the country to the city” as the advertising goes. In this Class we were required to use only Australian native flora.

Suspension - Rural Communications

Remembering that a suspension in floral art should appear to be suspended in  space, I have attached this design to the display frame using heavy guage fencing wire as this also carries through the design as the wire for the telegraph pole. I needed something very sturdy to support the design without looking out of place.

I decided to symbolise three forms of rural communication – satellite dish, mobile phone and the humorous “tin can and a piece of string”.

The satellite dish is a metal light shade screwed to the telegraph pole support  with a banksia flower wired to the centre using gold decorative wire (the back of the shade is gold coloured).

The bright yellow mobile phone is sitting in my tin can surrounded by yellow kangaroo paw and woolly bush – both native flora that originated in remote areas of the country. String connects the satellite dish to the tin can as well as to the top of the telegraph pole.

The cross bar of the telegraph pole has four holes drilled through to hold test tubes for the yellow kangaroo paw – these are connected to the rest of the design with “telegraph” wire.

The backing for the design is two pieces of timber joined to form a telegraph pole such as you would see in rural areas of the country.

This design was placed Second. The satellite dish is too dominant in the design and overall the floral material is insufficient for the size of the design (180cm long, 60cm wide)

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