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Suspension – Tribal Art

A suspension in floral art should appear to be hanging in mid air with no visible means of support. In most cases you will be required to hang your design from a supplied hook and frame so it is a good idea to have this at home as well so you can experiment with various hanging materials as well as get your design to balance and face forwards. I have yet to master this last bit……invariably I get to the venue and hang my design which will then twist ever so slightly so that it is not quite facing forwards. I have started to remedy this by doing designs that don’t have a front and sides – that way it’s less stress on competition day if it decides to move a bit on the display hook.

Tribal Art is a Class title loaded with design opportunities. It allows the introduction of seeds, shells and natural fibres as well as highlighting the “art” form of our floral designs. Here is my entry:

Suspension - Tribal Art

The structural base is the spent cover of a seed pod from a palm tree. Wired from the centre to the top of the pod is a bundled section of spent seed sections from the pod, gathered in the middle with a wide copper bangle that has some primitive art engraved on it (an appropriate embellishment). The remainder of the inside of the pod has a variety of dried seed pods either glued directly onto the pod or glued onto styrofoam balls then wired in.Two skeletonised leaves have been glued in behind seed pods of similar shape and colour with some dried statice placed into the tip of the pod (at the base of the design).

This design placed Third. It lacks a genuine focal point and is a bit bland, colour wise, when you consider the colours you might see in other forms of tribal art.

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