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Town and Country 1

Town and Country floral design 1


In this particular competition, “floor” design doesn’t actually mean you place it on the floor, I forgot one vital piece of the design at home and was not able to return to get it or improvise with any item I could find when staging the entry. So, on the floor it went!

The size for this exhibit was 1m square with no height restrictions.

The initial plan was to have a split level coffee table showing how different morning tea would look between the country and the town. Without the table its a bit flat but you get the idea I’m sure.

The placement at the rear is the “country” morning tea with a billy (tin can for boiling water if you are not an Aussie reading this) on some piled bark and a milk jug filled with white daisies. The coat and hat are sitting on a timber fence post with some native woolly bush at the case. A few potatoes are falling out of a bag indicating the work being done before the morning tea break.

At the front is the “town” morning tea with a beaded shawl and hat, glass and chrome tea set set off by a single flower placement in a modern vase. A plate of cupcakes made with daisies finishes the repast.

No placing for this – basic issue: horticultural material is not predominant in the design. Even with the table this would not have earned more marks, although it would have been easier for the public to see!

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