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Town and Country 2

Another one of my floor designs with not enough planning prior to implementation and no plan B if it didn’t work!

This exhibit was for an agricultural show in an urban regional centre – thus the title of Town and Country. The space allowed was 1m square with unrestricted height. What I failed to consider was that this design would actually be located ON THE FLOOR so everyone viewing it (judges included) would be looking down at it unless there was some height to the focal areas.

Town and Country 2The starting point for the design was my fabulous windmill – an iconic sight in rural Australia. This stands about 4′ high so gives a good backdrop to the exhibit. The idea was to have a range of country items (vegetables mostly) that make their way to town – the front arrangement.

The flow of vegetables to the “town” is clear but the arrangement at the front in the pumpkin doesn’t really tell you it is the “town”. Weeping grevillea branches and bark are placed along the route to emphasise the flow.

This exhibit placed third. It could have been greatly improved (in my opinion) by having a more symbolic “town” placement, perhaps more ordered rows of vegetables, as in a shop; or in shopping bags which would have given it some more height at the front to match the windmill at the back.


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