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As my regular visitors to this site will know, I share my lows as well as my highs in competition work. This is one of the lows, but I did learn some very valuable information about how this particular design style is judged at this competition.

The design is mounted on a supplied wire frame with an allocation of 1m square, judged on both sides which should be different.

The Class title, Tropicana, made me think of the beach and the tropics so my design is based on the seaside.

Tropicana back

On one side I have used a large piece of coral wedged through the wire frame so it shows on both sides but the majority of it is on one side. Using a whole coconut as the water source (cut out the eyes and drain the milk first) I have placed some bougainvillea foliage and orchid sprays. On the other side is a shell containing some wet sand as the water sources with more orchids, sea mist (gypsophila) and some tropical ferns, all resting on a sea sponge.

Tropicana front

This exhibit was not awarded a placing. My lesson : the judges for this design style, at this competition, prefer to see either an obvious diagonal design that extends beyond the wire frame, or two arrangements, high and low, that are joined in some way with horticultural material.

My exhibit could also be improved by the use of more tropical foliage, fruit and flowers. The judges interpreted Tropicana as more tropical forest than seaside.

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