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Twisting and Swirling

If you have read any of my other posts on this design style, then you will already know it is a favourite of mine. The exhibit is mounted on a supplied frame and space allowed is 1m square. It is judged from both sides, which should be different from one another.

This is a great Class title – so many ways it can be interpreted. Here is one side of my exhibit (the background is a bit distracting, sorry).

Twisting and Swirling1

I have used a long branch of tortured willow to run from the top arrangement to the lower one. This is not only twisted but can be threaded through the mesh so that both sides have some of the material showing.

Both arrangements use a floral foam ball as the water source. This is wrapped in some plastic mesh and then secured to the wire frame with cable ties through the plastic mesh (not the floral foam as it will gradually drop down the wire with the weight of the arrangement over the two days it is on display).

The top arrangement is a collection of palm leaves both natural and woven with more tortured willow stems and branches, stripped of their leaves to accentuate the twisting nature of their shape. There is also the natural swirl of fishbone fern and weeping grevillea. A single camellia flower sits at the base of the top arrangement. I chose the camellia for its swirling petal structure.

The lower arrangement uses similar materials with the addition of a camellia flower (facing the opposite side to the top arrangement) twisted through the frame and some sea mist (similar to gypsophila) for its swirling structure.

Both arrangements have circles of dried tortured willow as accents.

This design placed third. Had it been a “Foliage only” class I could have omitted the flowers and left it as is for a better result. However this was not the case and it basically needs more colour ……or flowers…..or both!

Twisting and Swirling 2
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