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Wall Hanging – Oriental Affair

In floral art, a wall hanging is defined as a design which hangs against a vertical surface.It may have a free flexible backing, firm single or multiple panel backing or be entirely independent of a backing. Any combination of fresh/dried/artificial material can be used but check your competition Schedule for local restrictions.

For this entry I have used a combination of Oriental effects – bamboo, silk, bare sticks and a flower.

Wallhanging - Oriental Affair

A flexible bamboo mat is glued between two longer, thicker sections of bamboo as the backing and frame for my wallhanging. The mat is actually one of those that come in the sushi packs – you use it to help roll the nori and seaweed into the sushi shape. The top and bottom pieces of bamboo extend further than the mat on one side to give the design some negative space away from the actual floral material.

Attached by red decorative wire (since red is an important colour in the Orient) is a small test tube covered in a Chinese patterned silk. This is the water container for my single dark red dahlia. Remember to make your choice of floral and other horticultural material in keeping with the theme of the Class title – this design would not look as appropriate with roses for instance.

Three bare sticks of tortured willow form part of the backdrop for the flower, giving the wallhanging an Ikebana feel. Plain cotton string forms the hanger for the wall – this is part of the design.

This entry was awarded First place.

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