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Wallhanging – Wreathed in Roses

A wall hanging in floral art is designed to be displayed (and judged) against a flat vertical surface. It does not need to have a backing or frame.

This was a Class on a competition day when we were required to use roses as the only flower in our designs. I interpreted the title as being wreathed or “surrounded” by roses so based my design on that.

Wall Hanging - Wreathed in Roses

Using a flat metal panel designed for candles on a wall, I have retasked half the candle holders as floral foam bases – there are six so that gave me the preferred odd number for floral display.

Each of the floral candle bases has a circle of gardenia leaves with yellow rose buds in a horizontal position. The candles sit in the centre of these circles.

This design did not place in the competition. The judge’s interpretation of the title was that a formal floral wreath should have been presented as a wallhanging. Another lesson learned!

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