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Warm and Vibrant

This is a bench design with an interpretive title. I understood the title to be hinting at the colours to use so consulted my colour wheel and decided on “hot” pinks and yellows (rather than the traditional red and orange) as I felt these were both warm and vibrant.

Warm and Vibrant
The structure is a black metal candelabra, sections of which have been wrapped in pink wool. It is placed on a circular wooden base painted matt black and also wrapped loosely with wool. A sphere in pink sisal has been made large enough to cover flowers placed in the central candle cup with each arm having a base of loose sisal strands under the flowers. Small sisal balls have been placed on the base of the design.
I chose dahlias and chrysanthemums for their shape as well as the brightness of the flower colour – I wanted the colours to be bursting out for the “vibrant” part of the title.
When I was benching this design I planned to add some yellow wool to the base to carry the colour through but realised too late that the wool was not in my bag as I had assumed. What did the judge say? A good design but the yellow colour doesn’t carry through to the base!!!!

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