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Weaving with Flowers 2

This is another version of the Class title Wallhanging: Weaving with Flowers. If you missed my first one you can read about it by clicking here.

As sometimes happens, I had two very different designs in mind for this Class. Luckily at this particular Show there is not a limit on the number of entries you can have in each Class. It is always best to check in case you need to make the difficult decision of which design to enter.


This design is based on a fan. The framework is made with thin coloured bamboo sticks woven into shape then glued at a few structural points. Agapanthus leaves are then woven through the structure to highlight the woven nature of the design.

A glass vial is secured to the back of the fan and contains three stems of roses for a bit of colour in the design, matching the colour of the bamboo sticks. The stems are woven through the fan before going into the vial.


This design placed second. The judges felt it was a little out of proportion or had been placed on display at the wrong height. Another good tip is to check the eye level of your design when it is on display for judging. I have seen one tall competitor completely forget to fill in the base of a design because she couldn’t see it from where she was looking!

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